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Dental abscesses form due to nerve tissue dying then being infected by bacteria. The mouth is moist and warm so it can be a breeding ground for bacteria which can develop from decay or even in the blood stream. 

Once infection has occured in the area, the body's immune system creates an inflammatory response as the bacteria leaves the tooth via the root. White blood cells are sent to kill the invading bacteria using antibodies and the resulting mass creates an abscess of pus.

As the body attempts to drain this mass the abscess can migrate into the surrounding tissues of the mouth. If this happens the gum can swell before eventually releasing pus. A very painful process!

In severe cases, the abscess leaves the tissues of the mouth and enters surrounding areas such as the face, tongue and neck. This is a serious problem which can result in hospitalisation for the patient.

The best thing for you to do if you suspect an abscess is to see your dentist who can start you on a treatment plan.

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