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Gingivitis is most often the underlying cause of bleeding gums. This occurs when the gums are inflammed due to bacteria that forms around the area where the tooth and gum meet. Gingivitis is a manageable condition that can be treated by your dentist. Periodontitis, however, is a more advanced form of gum disease that is irreversable and bleeding can also be a symptom of this. It attacks the root surface and the bone of the tooth and is a very painful condition to live with. With regular visits to your dentist and with thorough oral hygiene care, the progession can be halted. In cases where the periodontitis is too advanced, you will need to be referred for specialist care.

A trip to the dentist can be a very costly venture and that is why we recommend dental examinations every 6 - 12 months. Our aim is to ensure your teeth and mouth are healthy so that they can last you a lifetime. If this plan is followed, often patients can avoid expensive surgeries and dentistry procedures as the problem is monitored and treated over a period of time, thus reducing overall expenses. If you require further information about our prices, please contact our friendly receptionists.

Depending on your level of cover and the treatment required, rebates from health funds vary.

Rebates are usually calculated as an average of fees from each service throughout the dental profession. This is generally a fixed amount and often does not take into account the differing complexities of the patient or the treatment required.

For more information, it would be best to consult your specific health care fund.

A preferred provider is a dental clinic that has an arrangement with a specific health fund/s to charge a small amount, or nothing at all for treatments completed at the dentist. 

As health covers are different, not everyone will be charged the same amount for the same treatment. This all depends on your level of cover and the amount you have claimed previously. Using our Health Point system, we swipe your health fund card after your treatment which allows you to collect your rebate straight away.

Wagga Family Dental believes in fairness for all and consequently do not charge exhorbitant prices for our treatments. We want to ensure that you are not disadvantaged by visiting us over a 'preferred provider.' We provide good value for money and treatments catered to your needs.

Please contact us for further information about preferred providers of Wagga Family Dental.

Of course! We ensure that our tools are sterilised using correct protocols which follow Australian standards. Please ask if you would like a tour of our facilities and we would be happy to show you our procedures.

Some reports published in the media have theorised that the mercury within amalgam fillings can leak and cause health issues for individuals. We believe in the importance of unbiased reports that are medically proven and are validated sources of information. 

The Australian Dental Association continues to support the use of amalgam for fillings and do so with the care and needs of all patients in mind. They would not promote a material like amalgam if it was unsafe for the general population. 

Wagga Family Dental does not advocate changing an amalgam (silver) filling unless it is completely necessary, for example: there is a fracture. All options can be discussed during your appointment.

They are a plastic coating applied to ridges of back teeth in adults, and in some cases, children. Fissure sealants prevent food and bacteria from entering the grooves of molars which can develop into decay. It is completely painless and can be completed quickly.

We are happy to offer bulk billing for children who are eligible under the Child Dental Benefit Scheme (CDBS.) Due to Medicare stipulations you must present your Medicare card each visit so that we can ascertain eligibility. 

Veterans Affairs schemes are also able to access bulk billing.

If your tooth is knocked out the first thing you should do is locate it and ensure you only touch the top and never the root as this has a very fragile membrane. If this is damaged it will severly hinder the chance of saving the tooth.

The best way to save your tooth is to insert it back into the gum however, we understand this can be quite uncomfortable so your other option is to place it in saline, milk or saliva to preserve the tooth.

Recent studies have indicated that if the tooth is replaced within 30 minutes there is an 85% chance of survival, so make your way to your dentist ASAP!

Prevention is the best cure! For any contact sports a mouthguard is the best way to ensure the safety of your teeth. 

Flossing is essential to maintaining the health of your teeth. Whilst brushing cleans the surface of your teeth by removing food and bacteria, flossing is able to get in between the teeth and clean those gaps where plaque loves to hide. If you only brush, you're only cleaning half of your teeth! We can advise you on the correct way to floss and brushes that can be used for this purpose.

At least once or twice a year! Studies have shown that a professional clean and scale by your dentist can reduce the risk of cavities and gum disease as any changes in your mouth or to your teeth can be monitored over visits. Some conditions require a more intensive treatment plan and frequent visits to the dentist, but this depends on your needs. Your dentist will share in detail the best course of action for you.

We encourage parents and guardians to bring their children into the clinic, not to treat them, rather to allow them to become acclimatised to the dental envirnoment. Our objective is to eradicate the fear of the dentist and establish a relationship that results in healthy teeth that last a lifetime.

The goal during these visits is to assist parents/guardians with brushing techniques to ensure oral hygiene, discuss food habits and any concerns that may arise.

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